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Top 10 Best of The Best SEO Tools For your Sites

Blogging is a kind of hobby for some people, whereas for some others it is their career. Most of the people are blogging mainly to promote their products or services and promoting is a part of the marketing strategy to make their products reach a wide variety of people globally. And, the main key factor for developing your business through your blogs is to get more number of hits for your blog. It can be achieved only when you go abide by the rules of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The search engines can fetch your pages at the top priority only, if your blogs go well matched with the SEO rules. You should first try to educate yourself about SEO and you should rely on the best SEO tools to make your goal of ranking your blog to first or top in the list. Let's see Top 10 Best of The Best SEO Tools For your Sites.

1. Alexa
Top SEO Tools for BloggersAlexa is known for its website analysis functionality. This website maintains a very huge database which has details about the ranks and popularity of all the webpages. Using this website, you can find out the web traffic of a certain website. If you own a blog, then you can visit this site and check out for the number of visitors for your blog, traffic stats for your blog etc. Alexa will list you the best and top 500 websites globally. You can always improve your blog as per SEO guidelines and check with Alexa whether your improvement is valuable or not.

2. Google Analytics
Google analytics is much better than alexa, as per the user’s reviews. And, the great thing is this website is a free service from Google. Like alexa, you can get reports from Google analytics regarding the traffic status of your website or blog and other essential information that you want to know for improving the traffic to your site. Since it is from the most reputed web company ‘Google’, you can expect a high quality service from the Google analytics.

3. Rank tracker from seomoz
As the name indicates, you can track the rank of your blog or website using this SEO tool. This website will come up with search engine rank for your blogs. It is also possible to sign up with them by providing your email, so that you will be intimated for any changes in the rank or so. This SEO tool will support all major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

4. SEO analyser
SEO analyser presents you the results that will have details about ranking of your site plus the other incoming links that come to your site from other websites through search engines, information about indexed pages which means the number and details of your web pages that are indexed by all the popular and major search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google etc. And, this site is a free offer for the blog and website owners.

5. Google keyword tool
Keyword plays a main role to attract more visitors to your site or blog. A good website or blog should come up with good keywords to make it effective and searchable by search engines. The keywords should be related to your blog. The keyword tool helps you to perform a research for already in use keywords and will come up with a new keyword which is unique and at the same time perfectly preferred by search engines. This tool is being used by all kind of people associated with websites like website owners, product advertisers etc.

6. Ubersuggest
It is also a keyword suggestion tool. Use this tool to get some effective suggestions about good keywords to use it on your blog for attracting more traffic towards your blog. The way to use this tool is you should enter a term that is related to your blog content and you should select the language that you are using for writing your blog or website and choose the proper type of your blog content like images, videos, web, shopping content etc. The results will show you the best keywords that you can use in your blog to increase more visitors to your site.

7. Visual pagerank tool
This tool will be helpful to let you know about your page rank plus all the links that access your blog. To use this tool, you are required to enter your website or blog name in the space provided and there you will find the check button which needs to be pressed. The results will show you the rank for your page and you can prefer to choose not to be followed by other links outside.

8. Clicky web analytics
It’s a simple way of tracking either your web pages or blogs and to find out the web traffic of your site. You will get information about the visitors to your blogs. Clicky offers you service on real time basis. So, as per the changes you can react lively to it. The changes to the traffic will be very quick even better than that of Google analytics.

9. Fiddler web debugging proxy tool
Fiddler is again a good tool for estimating the traffic between your blog and internet. You will be allowed to set breakpoint here. It is a freeware and supports any kind of application that supports proxy. It is used for debugging iPhone, iPod and iPad applications too.

10. BacklinkWatch
This tool will run several tests and find out the number of backlinks that are pointed out to your website or blog. You will get some more information like page rank, anchor texts, any warning messages related to any of the backlinks for your page etc. The backlinks are significant to any kind of webpage and knowing about is more important for improving your web reach.

All these SEO tools offer free services and if you make use of the same perfectly, then you can have more number of visits to your blog with maximum number of hits. You have more SEO tools too and you must gain complete knowledge about SEO tools to make your blog rank first in search engine list.

Top 10 Best of The Best backlink tool for online checking

Backlinks is a very familiar term for those who are familiar with search engine optimisation. In other terms, backlinks have become an important stepping stone in the way to have good search engine optimisation for the website.
Backlinks are web links present on other relevant sites which are directed towards our website. They are important because search engines give more credit to the websites having good search engine optimisation. The number of quality backlinks for a website implies to its popularity on the internet. So it is necessary to check the various backlinks we get for our site and also the traffic on our competitor’s website.

There are various tools available which help to create backlinks but there is question that how do we check the total number of backlinks available for our website? And that also free of cost?

Now Let's check Top 10 Best of The Best backlink tool for online checking

The most extraordinary and valuable element of Ahrefs is that it joins strong connection information and an incredible web interface. The information is sufficiently solid to the point where you can have one membership cover various needs and cover them well.

Some other one of a kind components of the instrument are: Freshness – Ahrefs redesigns at regular intervals with a total upgrade finished like clockwork. You are given information on new connections found and connections already found yet no more drawn out in presence. You get month to month depictions of this information in visual chart organize covering a 5 month moving period.

I can say it is the best backlink checker tool free online in the industry.

It is the most preferred tool for content marketing. It has both free and pro versions like ahrefs. The pro version enables to check backlinks to your website or any other individual website. It also enables us to convert an existing web link into .csv or excel version which is the best part of this tool.

Open site explorer is a worth trying backlink checker, it also comes with free and pro version. This tool enables to compare 2 or more domains. It provides us all the backlinks with domain authority, moz rank, do follow/ no follow and page authority. It enables us to check backlinks of the competitors also. Its free version is worth getting started to build links which your competitors already have.

Alexa’s online backlink checker tools determine the backlinks. The best part of this tool is that it gives, one link from one domain. It takes almost 10 days to refresh the link profile. It is the best tool for webmasters because it shows some of the deep links which other tools cannot find easily. It also offers a paid membership which refreshes the backlink profile every day and we can check it without any restrictions.

It is the latest backlink checker tool. It is completely free option. It allows to check all the backlinks along with the newer backlinks pointing to our website. Also, 1000 of the freshest backlinks can be converted to .csv format.

Ranked no.1 by Google, this is also among the most popular tools available for backlink checking. It is a good tool for old webmasters because it takes time to update its data base. It uses Ahrefs database to show user’s link profile. It displays all backlinks in a list. It enables us to know the no follow and do follow links along with page rank and anchor tags.

This is a free tool and gives various options to check backlinks for the blog. It also has a Firefox extension which can be installed to the browser. It enables to check backlinks, moz ranks, Google page rank, and no follow links, do follow links, Alexa rank, anchor rank etc. It offers various outputs and other features. For faster access detailed report or optimized report options are also available.

This is a completely free tool. Site owners earn money through Google ad sense programs. This site displays all links from all the sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc. It enables us to view 10 results at a time including do follow and no follow attributes, Page Rank and links count. It uses JavaScript to display links so it is not that flexible with mobile phone users.

This link is not the most popular link but still it is best for the users who prefer using free backlink checker tools. It analyses the total number of backlinks for free but for this facebook signup of the user is required to generate the report. It shows both text and image links along with page rank and moz rank of the domains.

The working system of Analyze backlinks is very similar to that of Alexa backlink checker tool. It is easy to use because of its simple user interface. It shows one link from one domain. It also provides various filters which can be used to customize our reports. It is very helpful in finding the number of domains linking to our domain. It also enables us to fond anchor tags and anchor clouds for our backlinks. Apart from inbound links, this site also checks the outbound links giving the users an option to control the external links and prevent the site from degrading our page rank.

Oke but carefully to check your site, Top 10 Best of The Best backlink tool for online checking