Thursday, September 9, 2010

Artist in Holiday

The stars do not sing carols and next to the fireplace as before. The cliché Christmas tree full of gifts has been replaced by pristine beaches and sun.

Celebrities like marriage Douglas-Zeta Jones suitcases filled bikinis and sarongs to celebrate the New Year in Saint Barth island, super chic destination, super expensive and super everything. Penelope Cruz and his family also chose the island to enjoy a few days of rest, certainly he deserved promotion after Back (film which is nominated for a Golden Globe). Another couple who agreed on the island was Eddie Murphy has taken his new girlfriend, Tracey Edmonds, to enjoy the warmth while his ex, Mel B, who is expecting twins, has had a so atypical year as it has been these days moved house in Los Angeles.
If you have long teeth with envy not worry and start saving now, and perhaps to dismiss this 2007 as the famous, though paying $ 3000 a night. How to sing carols family does not sound so bad?

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