Tuesday, October 26, 2010

About Me

I am, an ordinary people, come from Kebumen. Where is it? just open your google earth... :)) Nowdays I lives at Bekasi and moves to Jakarta 5 days a week.

I love blogging and postings any articles on my blog. Ubuntu is my favorite operating system so I love to write articles about it. This blog as my media for sharing and learning any usefull information. Almost content here are my experience with GNU/Linux, especially ubuntu and the rest come from internet.

 Your mind is the mirror of you 

If you want to share anything with me, please mail me at joherujo@gmail.com  and if you will make donation ( ha..ha..ha... :))  just kiding) I'll please you to make contact with me before.

Thanks for  visiting my blog, a little place :) . A blog for learning and sharing.

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