Tuesday, January 5, 2016

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Repair that Water Pipe Leak
Drip, drip, drip. An ignored water leak can cause mold, water damage, wood rot and is a big waste of money. Learn how to repair water pipes that are leaking in the shower, bathroom sink or under the kitchen sink in this 1-night workshop.

Study supply, drain, waste, and vent piping fabricated with copper, plastic, and iron/steel. Course covers the installation of new and remodeled systems as well as maintenance of existing systems. Class is taught in the Wood Shop. Text: Step by Step Guide Book for Home Plumbing.

Carpentry - Rough Framing 
This introductory course is designed to familiarize homeowners with the rough framing process involved in building a shed, garage, room addition, or finished basement. Building code requirements pertaining to floor, wall, and roof framing will be covered. Safety, tool usage, material selection, and professional techniques will be the major class topics. Hands-on laboratory application of topical skills will be incorporated into the class.

Ceramic Tile
Learn the basics of proper tool usage, material selection and layout techniques in order to produce quality floor, wall and countertop jobs using ceramic tile. text: Hometime: How to Ceramic Tile ISBN 1890257052.

Get to Know Your Electrical Breaker Box
This class is perfect for new homeowners, do-it yourselfers and for anyone who wants to understand the electrical breaker box in your home. This 1 hour workshop will explain electrical circuits, different amp breakers, why breakers trip, wire gauge and potential hazards to look for.

Electrical Wiring for the Homeowner
Course will cover tools, materials, and techniques necessary for the homeowner to maintain, repair, and/or modify the existing electrical service in a typical residential electrical installation. Practical handson application of electrical theory and NEC requirements will be utilized. Class is taught in the Wood Shop. Text: Step by Step Home Wiring.

Hardwood Flooring - Installation and Maintenance
You can do this. Installing your own hardwood flooring can be done once you understand the tools, materials and techniques involved. Learn from an experienced installer the "tricks to the trade" and gain the confidence to do the job. Through instruction demonstrations and hands-on exercises, a partial hardwood floor will be assembled. Other topics covered in the class will include, sanding, staining and maintenance.

Understanding Your Home: How to Spot, Correct & Avoid Defects & Keep Everything Running
Anyone who wants to buy or sell or maintain a home can benefit from this class. Dozens of money-saving tips on how to identify structural, mechanical and cosmetic defects in both older and new homes will be presented. The course will provide a basic understanding of how everything in your house works, when to repair or replace and how to go about finding reliable services. Students will also review construction materials, trade practices and environmental issues, including indoor air pollutants such as mold, radon and allergens.

Change Out Old 2-Hole Outlets
Many of our everyday appliances and electronics use 3 prong outlets, but many older homes still have 2-hole outlets. Learn how to safely replace these older outlets, understand the basic theory of electrical currents, understand the difference between gauges of electrical wiring and learn how to properly ground each outlet you install

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