Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Let us know the PHP closer

Here we want to explain what is the PHP and how it's works in the browser. Did you know, PHP is it. ....
1. It is the abbreviation of recursive PHP: Hypertext Prepocessor
2. First created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994.
3. Must be written between the tags:
<? and ?>
<?php and ?>
<script language = "php"> and </script>
<% and %> 
4. Each statement (orders) usually ends with a semicolon (;)
5. CASE SENSITIVE for the name of the identifier that are created by the user (in the form of variables, constants, functions, etc.), but not CASE SENSITIVE for identifier of a built-in PHP. So:
$you ≠ $You ≠ $YOU
create () Create () 
While = WHILE
6. Easy to learn.

1. Type the command below in the editor, like notepad or notepad++:
Program 2.1
File name: hello.php
Description: simple Program showing a string here.

Let us know the PHP closer

2. Save it with the name "hello.php" in the document-root of your computer.
3. open a browser and type the address http://localhost/hello.php, here you must have installed XAMPP or web server and php5
4. See the result on the browser

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