Monday, September 5, 2016

Top News category of Hurricane Hermine should you know

Lately the surfers and swimmers who wish to vacation very disappointed, because it could not do so at their favorite beach. It is based on the hurricane called Hurricane Hermine. Tropical storm with strong winds is also interfere with national holidays, i.e. labor day. "The wind and the water hazards of various kinds are the things that we have to compete with the rest of Labor Day weekend," National Hurricane Center Director Rick Knabb said Saturday. "Definitely a bad weekend at the beach and on the ship." Hermine was the first storms strike Florida during more than a decade, and swallowed two casualties, one man in Florida and the other in North Carolina.


Hurricane Hermine itself crawled to the East Coast and moved to the North hundreds of miles offshore in the Atlantic Ocean. According to Dennis Feltgen "it will only run for a few days". and "the storm is still not over," said meteorologist Dennis Feltgen of the National Hurricane Center's.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie declared a State of emergency Saturday for the Ocean, Atlantic and Cape May counties. "Weather conditions to come is an imminent danger," he said in a statement. "This situation might become too large in scope to be handled by the normal operation of the municipal services and the county."

Governor along the East Coast area announced emergency preparations. One of them, namely the Governor Chris Christie who warned of the threat of flooding is still likely to occur in coastal areas, and said the storm will cause a big problem, although it is estimated drove eastward in the Atlantic. Tropical storm watches also gave warning of Virginia Massachusetts, with particular attention focused on the New Jersey and Delaware, and Rehoboth Beach could get gusts up to 50 mph and ferocious storm during the pairs final Sunday and Monday.

At the Virginia Beach boardwalk, the Atlantic Ocean has a very big waves, usually a few surfers and swimmers much leading to choppy white water. until thousands of people down to the beach on a summer weekend. It is usually decorated by umbrellas and a canopy. But this will not happen for now.

New York City is also planning to close beaches Monday because current rip, and the ban could extend to Tuesday, depending on weather conditions, officials said. Long Island authorities also urged people to evacuate a summer vacation which is known as the island of fire to avoid any coastal flooding and storm surge.

Hermine moved north from the Gulf of Mexico and hit Florida on Friday as Hurricane category 1 before weakening to tropical storm in Georgia.

The storm was expected to spend the next several days meandering the Atlantic, gaining some strength. Hermine will once again have a whirlwind force weeks away, although he was classified as a tropical cyclone's post.
The storm surge could be 3 to 5 feet above the ground during install in areas of Northeast Virginia to New Jersey through the weekend.
"At least, we'll have some beach erosion, rip currents and dangerous waves along the southern coast of New England, Nantucket, CapeCod ... to the area of Hampton Roads," Knabb said.

The National Weather Service said some minor flooding could begin Saturday during the install. But it will be just the beginning of trouble. "Widespread moderate deluge now expected with pairs of Sunday night and Monday morning's high tide, especially from Atlantic City South to the coast of Delaware, when the storm was expected to approach the closest to the region," the Weather Service said, adding that significant beach erosion. The good news is the rainfall in New Jersey and Delaware are expected only between 1 and 3 inches.

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