Wednesday, July 7, 2010


The famous TV presenter has complido his dream. Frustrated after spending years donating money to charities, Oprah has said he built a school for poor girls in South Africa because she wanted to feel closer to the people they tried to help.

"It really frustrated me that everything he did was sign a check after another" but "comes a time when one wants to feel that connection," he told Newsweek. Winfrey spent five years and $ 40 million to build the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, outside Johannesburg. The sumptuous school for girls 12 and 13 years spans nearly nine hectares and has 28 buildings and includes huge fireplaces, a yoga studio, carports and outdoor theaters and a beauty salon. "These girls deserve to be surrounded by beauty, and beauty is an inspiration," she said Winfrey told the magazine. "I wanted this to be a place to honor them because these girls have never been treated with kindness. No one has ever told they are pretty or have wonderful dimples that. I wanted to hear that kind of thing when I was a child".
But like everything it can never be rosy and perfect, some selfish personalities airhead, criticized saying that the institution was too luxurious for a poor country like that. I mean, these girls without resources have no right to live a decent life. I do not like review but in this case I must say that ignorance is the number one enemy of our society. And one thing you Oprah, you're my hero and an example to follow.

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