Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Anna Nicole Smith

It did not start very good year for Anna Nicole Smith, although none will be worse than 2006, when his son Daniel died under mysterious circumstances at the age of 20.

The former Playboy model, must submit to her daughter Dannie Lynn, three months, to a paternity test in California, according to an order issued by a local judge.
Last October photographer Larry Birkhead, a former partner of the model, filed a lawsuit claiming the paternity of the child, who was born in September in the Bahamas. A few days after birth Smith's lawyer, Howard K. Stern, announced that he was the father of the girl in an interview with Larry King Live. In the interview also he confirmed the name of the newborn, Dannie Lynn Hope, in honor of the eldest son of the model. In a statement, Birkhead stated that this is "an early Christmas present" and gave "thanks to God that I will soon have the chance to prove I'm the father." But Larry does not waste time and enjoy your five minutes of fame, loves running heavy in Las Vegas, but when he sees a television camera does not take to change your face "I love being famous" by "where is my daughter?". Finally, as a big fan of C.S.I. I have to say that soon we will know the truth, because DNA tests never fail.

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