Monday, August 23, 2010

KDE SC 4.5 Available

The latest version of KDE SC (Software Compilation) incorporates wide-ranging improvements and udpates. This includes some 16,000 bug fixes, which gives you idea of the size of the project, a new applications caching system "KShareDataCache" for increased performance, and JavaScript templates for more flexible Plasma Workspace configuration.

KDE and Gnome are the two most popular Linux desktop environments. Most Linux distributions allow the user to choose which desktop environment to use. They are free and open source alternatives to Microsoft's Windows. For more information about the latest KDE release see the official announcement.
New Versions of the KDE Development Platform, the Plasma Desktop and Netbook workspaces, and many applications are released today with the version number 4.5.0. The KDE team focused on the usability, performance and stability of many previously introduced new features and technologies. Below, find the 3 separate announcements for each of KDE's products: The Development Platform, the Applications Compilation and the Plasma Workspaces.

KDE Development Platform 4.5.0 gains performance, stability, new high-speed cache and support for WebKit

The KDE Development Platform 4.5.0
10th August, 2010. KDE  releases the KDE Development Platform 4.5.0. This release brings many performance and stability improvements. The new KSharedDataCache is optimized for fast access to resources stored on disk, such as icons. The new KDE WebKit library provides integration with network settings, password-storage and many other features found in Konqueror. Read The Full Announcement

Plasma Desktop and Netbook 4.5.0: improved user experience

The KDE Plasma Workspaces 4.5.0 10th August, 2010. KDE  releases the Plasma Desktop and Plasma Netbook Workspaces 4.5.0. Plasma Desktop received many usability refinements. The Notification and Job handling workflows have been streamlined. The notification area has been cleaned up visually, and its input handling across applications is now made more consistent by the extended use of the notification protocol first introduced in Plasma's previous version. Read The Full Announcement

KDE Applications 4.5.0: enhanced usability and map routing

The KDE Applications 4.5.0 10th August, 2010. The KDE team  releases a new version of the KDE Applications. Many educational titles, tools, games and graphical utilities have seen further enhancement and usability improvements. Routing backed by OpenRouteService has made its entry in Marble, the virtual globe. Konqueror, KDE's webbrowser can now be configured to use WebKit with the KWebKit component available in the Extragear repository. Read The Full Announcement
KDE Development Platform, Applications  and Plasma Desktop and Netbook Released in Version 4.5
KDE Development Platform, Applications and Plasma Desktop and Netbook Released in Version 4.5

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You can follow what is happening around the 4.5 release event on the social web live on KDE Community live feed. This site aggregates what happens on, twitter, youtube, flickr, picasaweb, blogs and many other social networking sites in real-time. The live feed can be found on

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