Thursday, February 24, 2011

Loving Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu has always had its critics, but it remains the most popular personal Linux distribution of them all.

I have been using Ubuntu for several years ago. Actually for the first time  used GNU/Linux ubuntu not as first choice. Someday from computer magazine, I have read an article about alternative computer operating system. The name was Linux.
Linux, then I  was interested with the name. Lovely, simple and so curious. Then I was gone to book store, hunt some books as my reveral for the linux installation. I was very happy when my friend give me a piece of linux distribution CD. But.. I have no way installed it. It was in japanese language. One reason why do I want to have linux distribution installed on my computer. It's not free. But.. over then free.. Linux is freedom.
Then I have some experience with linux, when I was found an   internet cafe at Bandung. This cafe was used linux as their operating system I knew that linux only an alternative choice because the early this cafe has used win as the operating system. After the government make some operation to control an illegal software, the cafe chooce linux.
Ok, finally I used linux.. It was beauty and different with the system before, but I have no difficulties to operate the computer. Next year I have a linux distro installation CDROM and I was succeess installed it on my old computer with Celeron 800 MHz and RAM 128 MB + 40 GB Hdd.  No need superb hardware. It was nice and different experience when operating linux on the computer.
Then I move on another place. At the new place with the new job, I used linux. Pure linux on the computers. The distro was Zencafe 1.4  A complete distro for used as internet cafe operating system.
With linux I loves try another distro, like :
  • fedora
  • suse
  • linux mint
  • RHEL (Rethat Enterprise)
  • PCLinux OS
  • Puppy Linux
  • DSL
  • BlankOn
and the others. 
Finally I loves to ubuntu. With the first was used ubuntu 6.04 Drapper Drake. Then ubuntu become my favorite distro. I used ubuntu on the home and office. I don't care when the other uses aother famous and comercial OS with many  bugs and Mac OS desktop. But sure.. with ubuntu I have find the enjoyable linux distribution.
It's user friendly, complete package, stable and always new with update and upgrade every 6 month, community, suport, . With the free distribution. It's really free. I have a request CD and  directly sent to my house.
Now I have ubuntu 10.10 maverick installed on the PC and will upgraded to 11.04 next month.

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