Monday, March 28, 2011

Work With Scaner On Ubuntu

Many scanners are automatically supported by Ubuntu, and should be easy to install and operate. This section will walk you through how to use your scanner and what to do if Ubuntu does not detect your scanner.

Howto see if scanner works in ubuntu ?

  1. Simply plug it in and try it! If it is a newer Universal Serial Bus (USB) scanner, it is likely that it will just work.
  2. Check the list of supported scanners for Ubuntu.
  3. Check the SANE project listing of support scanners. SANE is the software used by Ubuntu for most of its scanner support. 
Using scanner

To scan a document:

  1. Place what you want to scan on the scanner.
  2. Click Applications ▸ Graphics ▸ Simple Scan.
  3. Alternately, pressing the scan button on the scanner should also work.

Manually installing a scanner

There are some scanners that have less than complete drivers from the SANE project. They can sometimes be used, but not all the features may work.

  1. Install the libsane-extras package. 
  2. Press Alt+F2, type gksudo gedit /etc/sane.d/dll.conf into the box and click Run to open the SANE driver file for editing.
  3. Enable the right driver for your scanner by removing the “#” from in front of the name of the driver. We may need to search the web tofind out which driver is the right one.
  4. Save the file and open Xsane (Applications ▸ Graphics ▸ XSane Image Scanner). The scanner will hopefully work.
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