Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Foxconn releases two sexy Bamboo PC cases

Dec. 11, 2009 (12:16 pm) By: John Brownlee
Although the innards of computers are about as toxic as ever, cases are getting more and more environmentally friendly thanks to consumer pressure. One particular material that cases are increasingly being manufactured from is bamboo. Bamboo not only looks good, but it’s also durable and quickly replenishable, since it grows so quickly.
The latest company to jump on the bamboo bandwagon is Foxconn, whose latest two bamboo desktop cases are just indescribably sexy, even if they look a little bit like set props from Gilligan’s Island.
The first case is a mid-tower called the Bamboo One, which replaces the front cover — normally made of plastic — with a darkly stained bamboo wood. It’s not without its faults: the drive bay covers aren’t cut from the same bamboo as the front piece as a whole, so the patterns and colors don’t quite match. But it is undeniably cute to see those vendor stickers slapped upon a wooden case.
The other chassis is for home theater enthusiasts looking to build an HTPC system, called the Bamboo II TMX-355. Unlike the Bamboo One, the smaller chassis has a bamboo front cover cut from one piece so it all matches.
I’d be tempted to drop money on one or both of these. The HTPC oriented Bamboo II would look particularly good in my entertainment center. Too bad that Foxconn reports that both chassises sold out quickly. Hopefully, they’ll remake them and release them in the States soon.
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