Friday, October 5, 2012

an Open Desktop Distribution Released OS4 13

Since October 2nd  OS4 13 Open desktop has released. OS4 is a custom Linux distribution compatible with Ubuntu and Debian Linux. It aims for ease of use and user friendliness and falls into the line of what we call "simplified computing".

PC/OS is a user-friendly desktop and server Linux distribution based on Xubuntu. Some of its most interesting features include support for popular browser plugins, addition of packages for multimedia production, content creation and software development, and an innovative desktop layout.

OS4 OpenDesktop 13 is the most capable Linux desktop featuring an easy to use interface and including a vast array of hardware support, wifi support along with all the  multimedia codecs, Blu Ray and DVD Playback. OS4 OpenDesktop 13 is the premier Linux distribution for the home or business user.

What's included
  • XFCE
  • kernel 3.2.0-31
  • Google Chrome 22
  • The Gimp 2.8
  • Banshee 2.4.1
  • Evolution Groupware Suite 3.2.3
  • Shotwell 0.12.3
  • Nokia Maps
  • Likewise Active Directory Membership 6.1
  • OpenJava 7
  • Flash
  • VLC 

OS4 OpenDesktop 13 is freely downloadable from Ibiblio and is available in both a 32 bit and 64 bit release :

OS4 OpenDesktop 13 64 Bit  md5sum
OS4 OpenDesktop 13 32 Bit md5sum


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