Thursday, November 28, 2013

New Makulu Linux 4.3 has Released

MakuluLinux is a Debian-based distribution providing a sleek, smooth and stable user experience on any computer. It includes pre-installed multimedia codecs, device drivers and software for everyday use.

Makululinux 4.x Debian Based, running on Kernel 3.11.x 32bit PAE, provides a Sleek, Smooth and Stable user experience that is able to run on any computer from old to new, from netbooks to notebooks, desktops to server stations.

Makulu provides software and codec's pre installed on the OS, to provide an out of the box experience for the end user and his day to day tasks.

Steam is pre installed on Makulu, you can simply log into steam and start playing your favorite game titles.

Wine is pre installed on Makulu, installing windows software has never been easier, simply double click your installer or exe files and they will operate in linux much the same way they do in windows.

The browser of choice on Makulu is Chromium, highly configurable, It is configured with Adblock to block adverts on any website as well as flash videos, Web Caching to allow a user to not just browse with speed but also conserve bandwidth at the same time, Flareget offers multi-threaded downloads and catches links from inside chromium, Youtube tools will allow you to download videos at your finger tips.

Makululinux utilizes multiple stable Kernel 3.10.x Generic PAE enabled. This means that Makululinux will detect ALL of the system memory and put it to use, there is no need to worry if you have more than 4GB system ram.

Makulu XFCE 4.3 Released.
Makululinux 4.3 is the final build in the XFCE 4 series. In simple terms, apart from alot of bug fixes and optimizations, you get more of everything, more apps, more games, more themes, more icon sets, more wallpapers, more of everything.

Based on PAE kernel 3.11.2, now sporting a more refined and polished look and using a new installer, Makulu 4.3 really is just bigger and better in all departments.

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