Thursday, February 18, 2016

Music Classes

Guitar - Beginning I This class is designed for students who have no experience playing the guitar. Beyond learning basic music theory, students will learn chords, strumming patterns, finger placement, and several scales. Students are required to bring their own guitar (acoustic or electric) to class. Assignments / handouts will be provided.

Guitar - Beginning II Prerequisite: Guitar Beginning I or equivalent experience. This class is continue to assist students learn chords, strumming patterns, finger placement, and several scales. Students are required to bring their own guitar.

Bass Guitar - Beginning I Geared toward people with no prior experience with the bass, this class will cover the basics of finger placement, playing techniques, scales, bass line patters and music theory. The class will offer opportunities to play along with songs and with other people. Students required to bring their own bass guitar (electric or acoustic). Handouts provided.

Metronome Basics Now that you got the basics down, start building on your skills in the level II class. We will continue to focus on strumming, chords and tempo. We will have you strumming basic songs in no time. A great way to start your Saturday morning.

Guitar Fingerpicking Put down that pick and learn to fingerpick or play fingerstyle. You will be introduced to the fundamental techniques or fingerstyle playing. This class is for the advanced beginner and up. You should have a decent chord vocabulary and at a minimum be able to strum and play a complete song.

Guitar Strumming 101 Prerequisite: Guitar Beginning 2 or equivalent experience. This class is designed to further assist students to learn chords, and strumming patterns. Class covers basic to intermediate strumming patterns, techniques, and basic rhythm. Students are to bring their own guitar.
Ukulele - Beginning I What has a sound that makes you smile when you hear it, is small and fun play? The Ukulele of course. You’ll learn the important skill of strumming and finger placement, playing chords and tempo. Do something different on Saturday mornings, learn to play the Ukulele.

Piano for Retirees I Do you now have the time and desire to learn piano and famous pieces by maestros Bach, Handel, Beethoven, and more? A course has been designed for those who now have the time. Join us as we learn notes, scales, music theory and wonderful classical pieces. The music will be included.

Piano for Beginners I Finally learn how to play the piano. Class is designed for students who have no experience playing the piano. Students will learn basic chords, rhythms, musical terms and how to use the metronome. Limited enrollment.

Piano for Beginners Level II Prerequisite: Piano for Beginners or equivalent knowledge. Students will continue their study of the piano by becoming more proficient with chords and musical scales. More emphasis will be placed on reading music, rhythm and putting the notes together to create music.

Piano for Retirees II Prerequisite: Piano for Retirees - Level I or equivalent knowledge of piano. In this class, students will build on the fundamentals they learned in level I. By studying basic chords and inversions we can focus on playing the piano with both hands. Let's play carols and hymns!
Piano for Beginners Level III Prerequisite: Piano for Beginners or permission from the instructor. Students will continue their study of the piano and become more proficient with chords. Emphasis will be placed on repertoire building.

Opera Divas, Female Opera Superstars Through lectures and recordings explore the world of Opera Divas; the most famous and familiar female opera singers. Presentations will feature such Opera Divas as Renee Fleming, Maria Callas, Joan Sutherland, Cecilia Bartoli, Renata Tebaldi, and many others. The operas we will student may include, La Traviata, Rigoletto, Aida, La Boheme, Tosca, Cosi Fan Tutte and others. Before presenting the recording of the Opera Diva singing an aria, the teacher will discuss characteristics of the singing voice, vocal technique, the roles performed by the singer and a synopsis of the opera/scene.

Opera History and Appreciation We will cover the historical period of opera, from its birth in the late 16th century to the present day. Opera composers and compositions are highlighted throughout the class and will be future the most important operas regularly performed throughout the world today. Students will see and hear samples of opera and will then engage in class discussions. On the final night of class students attend a live performance of operas presented by the instructor an associates. 
BEETHOVEN! The Greatest of Them All He shocked the world and triggered the War of the Romantics. A classicist, a revolutionary, a boor, a genius, a social climber who created music (sometimes while totally deaf) that still astonishes. Furious at Napoleon, besotted by his nephew, tortured by inner demons, explore the masterpieces and meet the giant who broke-and rewrote-the rules and changed music forever.

Discover and Explore the Enchanting World of Classical Music Four fun, fast-moving courses open the door to the amazing world of Bach…Beethoven…Brahms…Stravinsky and more. We'll reveal a world, and provide a roadmap, for exploring a lifetime of unparalleled listening pleasure. No technical or musical knowledge required - just an open heart and ears, and a willingness to be swept away by the most exciting, beautiful and fascinating music every created. For beginners and seasoned listeners alike. One word of caution: Once you enter …you'll never go back!

Saxophone - Beginning I So you've always wanted to play the Saxophone? Well, here's your chance. You will learn basic saxophone sound production, embouchure, fingering, articulation, and basic scales. Students must provide instruments. Referrals provided to local music stores for instrument rentals.

Voice Lessons for Adults - Level I This Voice Lesson class is designed for students who want to improve and develop their singing talents. This class is for beginners and for those who have not experienced singing lessons or techniques before. Learn singing basics which will include methods of warm up, breath control, clear singing pronunciation of lyrics, scales, and terminology. Students will practice singing songs throughout the course.

Voice Lessons for Adults - Level II This class is a continuation of Voice Lessons for Adult level I. Students will continue to develop breath control, singing pronunciation of lyrics, scales, and terminology. Students will practice singing songs throughout the course.

Arlington Concert Band The Arlington Concert Band is a wind and percussion ensemble for adult musicians. This group is seeking musicians with intermediate to advanced playing skills, or players who have studied previously and want to return to their musical past and focus on performing in an ensemble. Arlington Concert Band aims to be an ensemble that will not only provide a local opportunity for musicians, but will serve as a promoter of music, music education and community.

Arlington Concert Orchestra The Arlington Concert Orchestra is seeking musicians with intermediate to advanced musical skills, and all those who used to play an orchestral instrument and are looking to get back into a performance ensemble. This is a wonderful opportunity to play in a high caliber, volunteer orchestra! High quality performances, education, and fun are at the heart what we do.

Arlington Flute Choir This class is for all levels of amateur adult flutists. The auxiliary flutes such as piccolo, alto flute and bass flute are also welcome. The focus will be on reading and rehearsing mainstream flute choir repertoire consisting of original compositions and arrangements of classical, jazz and pop styles. Performance opportunities will include community concert series, charitable gala events and flute choir festivals. Please bring your flutes, music stands and pencils to rehearsals.

Arlington Community Chorus If you love to sing, we would love to have you! Come join the Arlington Community Chorus and embrace the power of music. The ACC welcomes all singers who have sung in a choir, either in high school, college or even at church. If you haven’t sung in a formal group before but would still like to join, call us and we will put you in contact with the conductor who can provide you with ways you can participate. We will perform a wide variety of choral literature, while at the same time having fun and enjoying the experience of singing. Concerts are programed throughout the school year.

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