Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lexicon takes $500 Oppo Blu-Ray player, sells it for $3,500

When you’re an electronics manufacturer and you have a gadget that just won’t sell. In this situation, you can do a few things: you can reach out to the community and try to drum up interest, you can launch an advertising campaign, or you can tweak the device into a new model and hope that the successor gadget will go over better. Or you can do what Lexicon did: buy up the stock of the sales-lagging gadget, rebrand it and add $3,000 to the price.
According to the sleuths over at Audioholics, that’s just what Lexicon did when they took the $500 Oppo BDP-83 and without changing a single feature or modifying the chassis, rebranded it as the $3,500 Lexicon BD-30, a THX-Certified Blu-Ray player.
According to Audioholics, “When we received the player the first thing we did was open it up to get a look at the inside. Imagine my surprise when I found that not only did the Lexicon share the same boards and transport as the Oppo – it was in fact AN OPPO BDP-83 PLAYER, CHASSIS AND ALL, SHOVED INSIDE AN ALUMINUM LEXICON WRAPPER. As far as we could determine, Lexicon didn’t change a single thing in terms of the hardware. Heck, they didn’t even lift the boards out of the chassis, opting instead to cut out the bottom of their own chassis to accommodate the venting locations, and putting a darker blue filter over the Oppo’s VFD display to give it a slightly deeper hue.”
Absolutely shameful and disgusting. Then again, if you’re willing to spend $3500 for a Blu-Ray player, you probably deserve to be burned.
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