Thursday, June 9, 2016

How to create documents with Google Docs?

1. Login to Gmail
2. Then select the Apps/small box icon at the top right and then select the Drive
3. At the far left there is a button Create Folder option, then there is a Document (such as Word), Presentation, Spreadsheet (excel), etc. Here for example want to create documents
4. then will appear the appearance like in Ms Word can directly create documents/notes on any place and any where
5. then once wrote something, if you want to save lives in the Close tab in the browser only, will automatically to save themselves but with the name of the document untitled document
6. If you want to change the name of the Checklist on the document want to rename and then at the top click the More select Rename
7. If the documents you want to share, Click Shared at the top right, Select access documents with a click Change, and then select whether you want to be made Private, Public and other
8. And if you want shared to friends using Gmail, just Enter their email address at the bottom and to otorisasinya can click Options to the right email address, whether it be the Owner, Can Edit (Edit), etc. Then click Share & Save
9. then automatically then the email address you register will receive an email that someone has to share a document, just click on the title of the document on the share to view the contents of the documents.
10. after the share, you can see who's been looking at documents that have shared there will be a photo icon at the top, at the bottom of the photo there are colors that each man is different, it's to signify the moment he clicks or was writing something in the document. And who was joined on the Docs share can change/add writing writing. This depends on the authorization for the person to be registered in the share.
11. We can also do chat with Chat click on the icon next to the icon images, but should anyone see our documents.
12. Not only that, we can also commented that if the discourse has not been understood by way of Block writing that want asked, click the Comment icon next to Chat, then you stay just type your comment
13. If you want to reply to a comment from you, click comments temen temen ye, then a blank field will appear for you to enter your comment, when you click on comments, you also automatically pointing at the words that will be commented on

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