Friday, June 10, 2016

How to create presentations with Google Slides?

Presentation does not always have to use PowerPoint or Mac, this is already a lot of media to make the presentation one is Google Slides.

Many advantages offered could be a reference to the beautiful presentation you create with Google Slides.

Google apps is an online presentation Slides which give convenience to you to design the presentation slides (slide design principles from the book Slide Design Mastery you can also apply on Google Slides).

There can create, edit, collaborate & presentation anywhere you are, there are at least 6 things you can try when designing slide presentations with Google Slides.

1. Create and edit Presentations

This is a standard feature that definitely owned presentation maker application but another advantage in Google there are various theme Slide presentations, thousands of fonts, embedded video, animations, and more. So arguably the comprehensive features for creating stunning presentations.

2. Work on the presentation of your hands

It doesn't have to always use a notebook/ PC there could create, edit & opened presentation files directly from your hand as Google Slides can also be downloaded to Android, iPhone iPad & very useful for those of you who have a high bustle.

3. Collaboration with friends

The unique thing which became Google's significant excess Slides is you can make slide presentations together with your friends in 1 time in 1 file without having to meet or be in the same place.

Not only do both but you can teach your friends one Office to view, edit and comment on your presentation.

When there is a friend who is doing the editing file you can see the activity so it is real time, even you could do a chat on while editing the slide so the ease in coordinating.

How To Create An Interesting Presentation By Google Slides

4. Automatically stored

if all of a sudden your PC/ notebook we die and the file has not been saved, but it will not happen if you Google Slide because your file will be automatically saved as you type, in addition you can also reuse a theme that you have created as they are saved automatically

5. Fit with Powerpoint

This is important because I know the majority of the population of Indonesia are using Powerpoint, luckily you Import Pptx file and convert them to Google presentation Slide become greatly facilitate. Not only imports but you could also take your presentation as a PDF, PPT, or txt file.

6. Can be Offline

Sometimes the internet connection slow, if it should be online keep this could be a problem. But calm down You just enable offline controller and you're ready to use Google Slide wherever & whenever without internet connection.

That's 6 ways to make interesting presentations with Google Slide, if you can't wait to try please just click here to try.

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