Saturday, November 28, 2009

ACER Netbook Ferrari One

ACER Indonesia has released a new Netbook Ferrari One. This one of eksclusive product of ACER, like the Acer Ferrari Notebook. This netbook is Powered by AMD platform with AMD 2nd ultra thint platform for notebook. This netbook come with the red Scudetto Ferrari cover and  the logo of pranching horse. The LED of wide screen of this netbook is setup at 1366 x 768 pixel that mean 16:9 ratio. The  vendor claim that this product will be able to bring  the full cinematic.

The audio system of Ferrari One  is setup by custom modification of Dolby Laboratory. As the core, Acer plug the AMD Athlon X2 L310, the one of power saving processor of the AMD. Video grafic accelerator is powered by ATi Radeon HD3200 High dev Video, and the high speed RAM DDR2 667MHz @4GB. Media data of the   ACER Netbook Ferrari One is 320 GB Hardisk Drive.

The prise of this product @ IDR 7,5 billion, over than average price of general netbook.

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