Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nokia recalls 14 million mobile phone chargers

Nov. 9, 2009 (4:44 pm) By: Doug Osborne

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If you happen to own a Nokia mobile phone then here is some important news for you. It seems that Nokia, the world’s largest mobile phone maker, needs to recall several million phone chargers due to a problem that could literally shock owners.

The recall was initiated due to a problem with the chargers’ plastic covers. According to Nokia, these covers may work themselves loose and expose internal wiring, presenting a shock hazard if the charger is plugged into an outlet. The total number of chargers reported in the charger recall totals 14 million and were mostly sold in North America and Europe. Thankfully, Nokia reports no injuries due to the faulty chargers.

The models of mobile charger included in the Nokia recall are the AC-3E and AC-3U, that were manufactured from June 15 to August 9 of this year and the AC-4U, that was also made this year from April 13 to October 25. If you own one of these faulty chargers, then be sure to go to the Nokia Recall Site for information on how to exchange them for a new one.

Read more at Associated Press via cnet.


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