Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Underwater Cell Phone System lets you make calls while diving

Nov. 5, 2009 (2:20 pm) By: Doug Osborne

Alpha UWCP (450 x 450)

I’ve always figured if you were scuba diving, that meant you were vacationing somewhere trying to avoid the office. So why anyone would want to invent a device that could keep you connected to your cell phone while under the sea (and potentially, your workplace), is a bit of a puzzle.

Well, regardless how I feel about it, if you really want to stay connected to your cell phone while diving, you need the Alpha UWCP. It consists of a water resistant buoy box that connects with your Bluetooth enabled phone while floating on the top of the ocean. The buoy is then connected to a 40 meter cable which attaches on the other end to a full face diving mask.

So if you want to make or take mobile calls, down beneath the waves, you use the special face mask to answer the phone or perform voice dialing. And if you spy a Great White barreling down on you in the middle of a call, no problem. The buoy cable detaches from the face mask easily for just such emergencies.

If you are a diving fanatic and prefer to leave the cell on the boat, however, I completely understand. I just hope for your sake that your boss (you know, the one that calls you all the time, even on vacation) never hears about this gadget.

Read more at SkyMall, found via Coolest Gadgets

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