Saturday, November 28, 2009

Extract zip, tar.gz, tar.bz2

Do you a Linuxer? Do you have some compressed file on your computer? I think, you have. We know, there are any kind of software which good job on compressed or uncompressed documents. On linux we known like Xarchiver.

Much of them come with graphical interface, it's OK. Do you love your linux? if you love it, I think you should try to learn about text base command. There are too much text base command on the linux os. Now, look the tittle of this post " Extract file zip, tar.gz,  tar.bz2 ".

OK, lets go to the area :

1. Extract tar.gz file.
Use this command, from the shell type

  • # tar -xzf file_name.tar.gz or
  • # tar -xvzf file_name.tar.gz

look :

  • tar -xzf abc.tar.gz
  • tar -xvzf file_name.tar.gz

Note :: additional -v  on the command will show the file(s) to be processed. All file will show to us.

2. Extract zip file
The command to extract zip file is :

  • #unzip

look this : unzip

The documentation of this coimmand is just type #man unzip on the shell. The command will show us like this

just read the text, and learn what can we do.

3. Extract tar.bz2
For these files, the way to extract is :

  • #tar -xjf file_name.tar.bz2


  • #tar -xvjf file_name.tar.bz2

Documentation for this command, on the shell type #man tar

OK, we knew that it's only a little, but I wish it'll useable.

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