Saturday, November 28, 2009

Zencafe : Reboot, Shutdown, Turn off screen From CCL Fox Server

How to shutdown or reboot pc clients on Zencafe using CCLFOX ?

Zencafe is a Linux distribution wich specialized design for internet cafe used. This distro is a modification of zenwalk for Indonesian internet cafe. As we known zenwalk is a varian of the stable linux Slackware. Zencafe come with Xfce as their desktop environment, so it light to operate. The distributor said, it's OK runing Zencafe on the minimum spec PC with 128 MB RAM on PII or the same level.

Actually it's wright that zencafe is a lightweight Indonesian linux distribution, as the answer of IGOS ( Indonesia Goes To Open Source ) campaign. As a speciallized use for internet cafe? Yap... So, what the service which come with this linux? Offcourse Billing system. Zencafe come with CCL Fox builtin. After installation finished, this billing will stay on the system.

We just need a little modification with the billing, like prising, setup time, product and some other. After that all we done, on the server then try to check connection to the client. All we need to make connection at the client side is setup the ip target to the ip's server computer. Set the computer server as a billing server and client computer as a client billing. It's not too difficult, just fill some point on the billing client. After all done restart the client computer, if our setup are succed shown with the running billing before user can access the pc client and the client icon show up on the pc server. Don't forget to check prising on the server,is it runing? If both client and server are OK, like connection and prising we should say yess... ;) or Yess I can do it!!!

What the matter of CCL Fox used with Zencafe ?

The problem is "That we cannot restart or shutdown" the pc client from server. It mean we must go to the client computer one by one then power off the computer. It look like  not a good activity when we does  everyday, 7 days a week. So what must we do to make it easier ?

Here the answer :

All these  on the client side

  1. Go to the shell terminal as root. On the prompt type #su root then fill the root password
  2. Goto the /sbin folder. #cd /sbin
  3. On that directory type #chmod 775 reboot and then #chmod 775 shutdown

After that step  we will be able to :

  1. Turn off screen : turn off screen of the pc client
  2. Reboot : reboot pc client
  3. Turn off : shutdown / turn off pc client

That all? Yap, that all just we do from the server side. That mean a little do get the great result. So... it's the time to say..

Yess I can do it!!!

At our native daily  language  ( bahasa Indonesia kami )
                Aku berhasil Jo....

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