Friday, October 21, 2016

Kids, Bus and Driver

I overheard a student, that was riding home on my bus to another students home say, I wish I could ride this bus every day. My bus is always dirty and has trash all over the floor.
How can a driver expect the students to respect there bus if the driver doesn't?
Every day as I walk back through my bus to check it, I pick up the trash from the seats and floor. I very seldom have any because I have a trash can strapped to the engine cowl in the front and I tell the students at the start of the school year if they bring it on the bus to please take it with them or throw it in the trash can. Most do, but there are aways the exceptions.
Since I pick up any that is not thrown away, for what ever reason, every day the bus stays cleaner and the students take better care of the bus.

Absolutely agree. A dirty bus is a bad reflection on the school. Here's a hint to drivers- apon arrival at school, announce that every student needs to pick up whatever is on the floor beneath their feet and under the seats. Save whatever they miss and show it to a school official. If your'e gently consistant, the students will get the message. Also, this may sound silly, but most new drivers don't know to back down the aisle in order to get the junk out the back door or at least in a pile. This way you can see the stuff under the seats and pull it out.

drivetrain :)

Every bus in our county's fleet has at least one, if not two or more brooms on board. Most drivers sweep their buses at least once a day(some after every run). Also most drivers hose the inside out at least once a month. As far as the outside, most drivers wash the bus real good once every other month(sometimes more depending on the temperature outside), and we even have a few drivers who go as far as to armor all the tires!

I agree, all drivers should keep their bus clean. If you respect your bus, most students will respect it,and put the trash in the trash can.

Always keep a trash can in the front, and back of the bus or you will find trash on the floor in the back.

Our busses only go on 2 routes a day, so the inside does not need to be swept every day, but I do mine about once a week or more if it needs it, and after field trips. We go down a lot of dusty roads, our supervisor washes them when they need to be washed, twice a month sometimes more if needed.

The thing that bothers me the most is when drivers don't clean the drivers area. It is good to clean the drivers area when you open the door on a dusty road the dust collects everywhere in the front of the bus.

"Thomas Built Busses-The best busses on the Road."

On Mr.Thomas's old bus,he left the broom that he kept in the on there,probably to send the other drivers a message aboute keeping the bus clean.It's right above the rear-view mirror,too.

Yes i do agree!
When i see other buses dirty I start thinking i wonder how there house looks. We are required to sweep at lease once a day and if needed twice a day. I hate to see trash bags on the bus, I think that is an invite for the Students trash and always say I am transporting students , not there trash. Believe it or not but i have maybe at the end of the week a few gum wrappers on the high school route. No sodas allowed, I do allow gum on the high school routes only if they dont pop it . Nothing for the Elem.

I agree as well! If there bus looks like that can you amagion what there house looks like!

Well, what do you do if the kids don't keep it clean? I have my bus clean during the day, and by the time I've finished for the day, it looks like I never clean it at all. Trash all over the place!

When i drove a route, if the kids trashed the buses, I explained the principal was coming out and we would watch them clean the bus.
Windows: I expalin, I monitor the temperature outside and I put the windows down. I don't like fingerprints very much,. I also explain that I don't clean the windows so they can make them dirty.
Floors: If they throw anythign on the floor, I will klnow. I check after every route and since I assigned seats, the seat it was under would get questioned. If everyone denied it, I wrote up all the kids knwoing one would squeel on the other.
Seats: explain the cost of seat repairs to the kids, and if ever anything happened, the bill was sent home with the kids. That worked great. My bus was very clean and my kids respected it greatly and I did as well.
It's the little things that count

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