Friday, October 14, 2016

Tips and how to care for your bus car easily

Car Care is a must, there are some smart ways to save money while you do it. Here are 10 ideas to save your money when it comes to car maintenance or repair shop. You when it comes to car maintenance or repair shop.

Tips and how to care for your bus car easily
1. Begin Know By Handbook Vehicles
In the manual describes the proper maintenance procedures and intervals of replacement parts to always keep your car in top condition. One of the most important is to know the regular service schedule recommended by the car manufacturer.

2. Always Right Schedule
Most car makers suggest to a car maintenance schedule in the mode "normal" or "heavy duty". For normal use of the car which then schedules and replacement fluids such as oil will be in accordance with the schedule specified in the manual. However, for the use of the car used every day such as taxis, car rental services, the high mobility of maintenance and replacement of parts will be more likely to occur given the "heavy duty" run by the car.

3. Check the lube oil Height Limit
Although many workshops or the manufacturer recommends for engine oil change intervals every 10,000 km, but it is no reason you should always check the oil level limit as often as possible. Workshops to agree on the report that they are seeing more cars coming in for oil changes with altitude level of their oil into a few liters lower. It would be a disaster when it is allowed to continue and to be on the machine. However, it is normal for an older car.

4. Keep Water Radiator Stay Full
When you check the condition and the oil level every month, then it should also be accompanied by checking the water in the radiator at the same time. The position of the radiator and liquid water reserves could be seen through guidebooks, usually located at the front of the engine. To note always use a special fluid to the radiator.

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