Thursday, July 21, 2016

All the best new car deals in the UK right now, with finance offers and list price savings on the best cars on sale today

 New car sales are continuing to rise in the UK, thanks mainly to the growing number of eye-catching new car deals and finance offers that the majority of manufacturers are now offering. With so many available it can be hard to choose the one that's right for you though, so to help we've picked out some of the best new car deals of 2016.

Owning a new car could provide lower running costs from better fuel economy and a cheaper tax bill thanks to reduced CO2 emissions. Plus you could get a brand new car with a PCP package offering 0% APR interest rates, or with a deposit from zero to just a couple of hundred pounds.

Check out the growing list of cars powered by electricity! A few years ago, you could count the number of available plug-in cars on one hand, with a couple fingers left over. Today, there are more than 20 models offered from more than a dozen different brands—in a range of sizes, styles, price points and powertrains to suit a wide range of consumers. (Okay, other models have been discontinued, failing to emerge from concepts.) But EVs are here to stay. The cars on this list all offer the sweet speedy-but-silent driving experience only available from battery-to-motor power. Which one of the following plug-in models has your name on it?

SEAT’S Mii is pitched as a more stylish, youthful choice than its Volkswagen up! and Skoda Citigo sister models in the VW Group city car trio.
Audi A3 E-Tron, After years of developing all kinds of plug-in prototype, Audi put one on sale in January 2016. The A3 Sportback platform has a compelling mix of attributes—elegant lines, high-quality materials and practicality.
The McLaren P1 is a limited-run British plug-in hybrid sportscar. It’s considered one of the most exciting road cars ever built. The $1.15 million P1's 3.8-liter 727-hp V-8 is paired with a 177-hp electric motor to unleash a mind-boggling 903-horsepower, revealing that plug-in hybrid technology can be applied to the highest end of supercar performance.'s Used Market Quarterly Report highlights the sales and pricing trends that drive America's used car market. Data is broken out into segment, brand and model levels to show what vehicles used car shoppers are buying and how they are buying them.

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