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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Goodbye Mike Mohede

Mike Mohede is a person who is famous for his talent quest event in 2005. In addition, Mike also collaborated with many top-tier musicians in Indonesia such as Ahmad Dhani pongki, Barata also Indra.

He was a great man, he is the one who blessed. One of the most humble person I have ever met,
World music in Indonesia, grieving back. Because one of the best singers, Mike Mohede. Singers from this talent quest event, died on Sunday, July 31, 2016, afternoon.

The departure of Mike who so unexpectedly gave rise to speculation if the chubby-bodied singers suffered a heart attack.

But to the media crew, he says we are still waiting for the doctor's description to ensure the cause of death of a 32-year-old singer.

Indra also describes seconds before Mike's death.

Indra explains that Mike died while sleeping. When brought to the hospital, Mike has face turn blue and finally could not be preserved longer.

The Manager of the Mike, he justifies the death of Mike Mohede. "True preached it (Mike died). The death of around 6 pm at the time of sleep, "said Indra.

His Manager, he said if Mike Mohede does not have a history of any pain and he is in a healthy condition. Last Afternoon Mike is found asleep with the lips turn blue. Mike then taken to hospital Bintaro, South Jakarta.

"Suddenly his lips are blue, Mike was rushed to the hospital, said the doctor had died half an hour ago," explained the senses.

The news also surprised many parties, speech of grief over the departure of Mike. "He was a great man, he is the one who blessed. One of the most humble person I have ever met, "wrote Kamasean.

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