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Top 10 scholarships are the most sought after all over the world

The scholarship is very important to support education as a learning process in doing so that are lighter in terms of costs, but not all Scholarships are given fully and completely in accordance with the wishes of the student. A number of foreign scholarship programs have a great reputation. No denying tens of thousands of foreign students want it every year. The scholarship became a prima donna because facilities prepared by the donor. Generally, they had already taken the tuition fees, the monthly allowance, health insurance, the cost of research, up to the residence. Grantee barely spend money one bit for the needs of the study. In fact, before leaving to return to the country of destination, airfare already paid.

Scholarships-the popular scholarship offered by various donors. There are offered through a consortium of a number of countries, government agencies, foundations, or non-profit organization. This scholarship is dispersed in a number of countries. Most are in Europe, the Americas and Australia. Students who have achievements, talented, and had leadership always so consideration. Here are the Top 10 scholarships are the most sought after all over the world, they are:

1. A Fulbright scholarship
Fulbright scholarship became one of the overseas Scholarship with a global reputation. This United States Government scholarships offered to 155 countries with approximately 7,500 scholarships allocated annually. In addition to the intended for students abroad, Fulbright was also prepared for us residents. At least 294 thousand are recorded as the recipient of the Fulbright alumni.

In Indonesia, the Fulbright scholarships administered through AMINEF, agencies that administer U.S. student exchange – cooperation in Indonesia. Fulbright scholarships are offered in a variety of types, including the Fulbright Master of Science Degree Program & Technology Initiative, the Fulbright-HIGHER EDUCATION master's Degree Program, Fulbright Presidential Scholarship, Fulbright-Freeport master's Degree programs, and several other types.

The advantages of a Fulbright scholarship, scholarship recipients are given the opportunity to continue their study in a wide range of well-known campus in the US. This very open opportunities for those of you who wish to continue education majoring or S3. In addition to bear the costs of College, Fubright also prepared a book allowance, a monthly pocket money, plane tickets, and health insurance.

2. The Erasmus Scholarship +
If you hunt down a scholarship to College in Europe, Erasmus Scholarship + (previous Erasmus Mundus) are worth a consideration. This scholarship is administered by the big funds because it involves a consortium of a number of countries. Some 27 European countries participated. In the period 2009-2013, there are Graduate scholarships offered and 5,300 440 scholarship is provided for the study of S3.

Erasmus + itself is a promotion to introduce European countries outside the community. Hundreds of scholarships offered through the Consortium already formed. In addition to bear the costs of study in Europe, Erasmus Mundus scholarship also bore the cost of living, housing, insurance, and travel expenses.

3. a DAAD Scholarship
As with the United States, Germany became one of the main objectives of study the students around the world. Credibility education in this country without a doubt. A row of the names of influential people is its founders came from Germany, call it the former President B.J. Habibie of INDONESIA.

For those of you who wish to continue their studies in Germany, DAAD scholarship offer could be the solution. This scholarship is offered to international students and young professionals from a number of developing countries, both in areas of Africa, Asia, South America and Central and Eastern Europe. Each year DAAD scholarship routinely rolled out. Scholarship recipients will get dependent tuition fees, travel expenses, health insurance, and other benefits. Each year approximately 70,000 scholarships awarded.

4. the Chevening Scholarship
One of the popular overseas scholarship in Europe is a Chevening scholarship. This scholarship is offered the Government of the United Kingdom for international students through the funding of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). Chevening scholarships are offered since 1983 and currently serves 116 countries around the world (outside of the US and the European Union). Every year about 700 scholarships granted and have more 41 thousand alumni.

Chevening scholarships specifically to attract talented individuals who possess leadership potential. In addition to bear the costs of College master, fellows also acquire tickets travel, cost of living allowances, thesis preparation, and a monthly allowance of about £ 917-£ 1,134 pounds sterling. Specifically Indonesia, around 25 scholarships are provided in 2013 and a possible increase in the coming years.

5. Australia Scholarship Awards
Australia Awards, formerly known as the Australian Development Scholarship (ADS). Australia Government scholarship is specifically intended for developing countries. Australia Scholarship Awards are open to students the origin of Indonesia, East Asia, North Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, the Pacific region, including South Asia and Papua New Guinea. Australia Scholarship Awards are managed by AusAID and has stood since 1950.

In Indonesia, Australia Scholarship Awards are offered to Graduate studies and doctoral levels with a choice of lectures at a number of universities Australia. Scholarship recipients will get dependent tuition fees, living allowances, United Kingdom language training, health insurance, housing, travel tickets, and some other facilities. This routine Australia scholarship awarded each year, and Indonesia became one of the priorities for them.

6. The Eiffel Scholarship
Lectures in France is not impossible you make. The Eiffel scholarship became one of reaching the dream there. As does the Eiffel scholarship DAAD offers study opportunities S2 and S3 at a number of universities in France. Successful applicants will get a monthly allowance of 1,000-1,400 euro tickets, travel, health insurance, accommodation and allowances. The cost is only incurred when doing registration at selected universities. While the tuition fee, the French Government granted aid of about 10,000 euro, both citizens of France as well as foreign. Tuition in France itself is cheap, so many of them are not contesting it.

7. Gates Cambridge Scholarship
The gates Cambridge Scholarship is a scholarship program of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation aimed for Cambridge University United Kingdom. This highly prestigious scholarships because of the capture of brilliant people from around the world with the competition is so tight. More than 4,000 applicants who apply to these scholarships each year. Quota scholarship prepared about 90 per year.

The advantage for those who obtain scholarship Gates Cambridge of which gets a dependent tuition, allowances of £ 13,000 pound sterling, plane tickets, family allowances, and other necessities. This scholarship is looking for applicants with a brilliant achievement, leadership, and has had a commitment to social life. Maybe you're one of them?

8. NFP Scholarships
Those of you who already have work experience of at least three years and would like to continue their education abroad, the Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) could be the answer. Netherlands Government Scholarship opened up the opportunity for professionals to take up studies in the land of windmills, as short courses, College Graduate (master), or the study of S3 (PhD). NFP scholarships belongs to competitive because this opportunity is opened for 62 countries, so it has to compete. When selected, all alimony was already waiting, such as tuition fees, living expenses, travel tickets, visas, health insurance, and the cost of research.

9. Monbukagakusho Scholarship
Monbukagakusho scholarship can be a solution for those interested in further study to Japan. Every year Japan government scholarship is offered through their respective embassies, or on the recommendation of the University in Japan such as an exchange student. Monbukagakusho scholarship alumni up to 92,000 in 160 countries. Every year thousands of foreign students study in Japan through the Monbukagakusho scholarship.

Monbukagakusho scholarship offers around seven different types of scholarships each year. Five of them, research students, teacher training students, undergraduate university students, Japanese studies students, and the college of technology students. For the winners of the scholarship they get dependent tuition in Japan, airfares PP, the entrance fee to the University, as well as a monthly allowance of about 143 thousand yen.

10. Endeavour Scholarship
Endeavour Scholarship is one of the Australia Government scholarships by competitive rivalry. This scholarship opportunity opened for the citizen in the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East, Europe, and America. Several types of scholarships are offered them, Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship, Endeavour Australia Cheung Kong Research Fellowship, the Endeavour Research Fellowship, Endeavour Vocational Education and Training, and Endeavour Executive Scholarship Fellowship.

Endeavour Postgraduate Awards winners special will receive tuition, cost of living allowances, health insurance, and travel tickets. The total value of scholarships for master and 140,500 $AUD $AUD 228,000 to doctorate (PhD). While the Prime Minister's Australia Asia scholarship Incoming Postgraduate Award available for PhD studies are given to 272,500 $AUD.

Of the 10 most popular foreign scholarships above, you certainly could determine the choice of the most appropriate scholarship!

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