Saturday, July 9, 2016

Beat Justin Bieber , Kary Perry So Champion on Twitter

Late last may, beautiful singer Katy Perry got bad experienced while her Twitter account hacked by a person not responsible. However this proved that the chanter Firework though hacked, not that her supporters go.
Thus Katy recently extraordinary achievements in the Twitter universe.
From the latest information, total follower Katy on Twitter have penetrated 90.1 figures million people. Achieves this makes Katy managed to outperform the young singer Justin Bieber's got a total of about seven million followers less than himself, as reported by Digital Spy.
Be aware of the number of follower Katy already outstanding, any Twitter party with sprightly giving congratulations. On Friday (1/7) last week, Twitter post status, ' Party Time, @katyperry! With 90 million people, we'll need a ballroom which is really big! '.
Thus, what the word handsome actor Orlando Bloom lovers these accomplishments? Through her Twitter account, Katy any joking, ' Dang, this is a really tight! They all have fun tonight. While I remain here with nose pore cleanser '.
Achievements of Katy on Twitter seems to be hard followed by Bieber. Chanter Love Yourself that records the follower of about 84 million people. Then in the third position there is Taylor Swift with 79 million followers followed by Barack Obama with 75 million follower and Youtube in fifth position has 62 million followers.
Now with its status as the most berpengikut man in Twitter, any fans so looking forward to the new album when Katy was released. Hopefully the year 2017 later ya!

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