Thursday, July 21, 2016

Remove Bios Password and Harddissk (HDD) Laptop

I rewrote the English version from this, because I see the large number who request it. This article is a personal experience about the laptop services. I think to remove the bios password on an average PC is already in the can, although without having to memorize the password. the system jumpers or removing battery bios. ever see a supervisor, admin, system, HDD, bios, setup password?
will I said here is how to remove the bios password on a laptop and remove the hard drive (HDD) password. notebook that I am using is DELL inspiron N4030 and inspiron 1525 laptop ACER

Remove Bios Password and Harddissk (HDD) Laptop
Here's how to remove the bios password on a laptop
1. If you remember the password
with this might be very easy, by entering the bios, click F2 when booting the first time, and is seen on a security password, please look at the supervisor password if it turns on the set, then enter in the bios password and enter the password to remember and then enter, leave the enter new password and confirm password. and as a result it is no longer attached. and successfully removed

2. If you forget the password
here have to disassemble the laptop by way of removing all bolts that lock the laptop, and should be careful. see section battery bios, if the PC is very easy to see on laptop jumper, must be the existence of thoroughness to see jumper. because of the need to use a jumper on a  special IC to be a jumper. don't forget to also loose-leaf battery. keep in mind, not all the same brand every IC. so it should be really carefully, lest the IC jumper later in the even make short on the motherboard of the laptop.

Here's how to remove HDD password on a laptop. in this case, I'm using 1 HDD 2 brands of laptop. HDD in password on dell inspiron n4030, and want to uninstall it with ACER laptops. Why is that, this is a science as well, because the bios that I use in dell inspiron n4030 already update the latest. I have been trying to uninstall it on my dell inspiron 1525, the result is nil. from this I use ACER for loading my HDD password, which there bios the same update. Here it is very difficult to directly unload the password. because after entering bios, and seen in the supervisor password. only1 link that appears. that is the BIOS/system only. for HDD does not appear and it is difficult to uninstall password.

1. If you remember the password
HDD mounted in an ACER laptop it is the HDD had a DELL inspiron n4030 earlier could not be dismantled in the inspiron 1525.
must match the order. If not, it will fail.
Enter bios ACER with press F2 while booting,
Enter the supervisor password (easy to remember), and create a set, in the bios. Save and restart
Enter the bios again and remove the passwords of yesteryear have been filled. how by how to remove bios password above. Save and restart. If necessary switch off briefly after a restart that is by pressing the power button.
wait a minute, and went again to the bios. now look at the security password for the supervisor password turns out to be both a link to change the password shows up(BIOS & HDD).
well here please delete passwords in the same manner above.

2. If you forget the password
better to customer service, and get ready to lose all that data. because there is a jumper or special software to do this, but if there are open this topic will be very commercialized.

hopefully helpful, to simply try science.

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