Thursday, July 28, 2016

How to know the working process of the Google search engine

Maybe you guys have read or heard of the term Google Bot, Crawling and Index. Especially for you guys par new blogger learn to create personal blog for you guys [like me this Hhhh.] well for it here I will give you information about what the understanding/meaning of Google Bot, Crawling and Index. Furthermore for an explanation please read the article below:

1) Google Bot.
Google bot or Google search engine robots are created by Google with a function to get information website "scattered around the internet. Google bot will browse each site address and then collects all information that belongs to the site to site in the index by the Google search engine [] so that it is easier to be shown/ found in a Google search.

2) Crawling
I.e. crawling site search process or a website done by Google bot or Google search engine robots to find and get the latest information or information already provided by the blog owner or the website itself. Information obtained will be index by search engine. Google bot can do the crawl if they find a word/phrase that is being sought and leads to the site we have. One of the efforts that could be made by the owner of the site so that the site can quickly crawl with the Google activity through ping.

3) Google Index
Index/ Indexing in Google is a process of data collection and analysis of information – the information obtained through the Google system made by Google bot crawl or Google search engine robots, this function to add a Web page enter into Google's search index and sections of the website information can be stored in Google's search database warehouse. The process of this index will also record all matters relating to content and general information on the website. Other than that, the Google index also aims to ease in displaying search results relating to the search criteria that users enter in the Google search engine.

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