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Friday, July 22, 2016

How to create a Login Form and Form the Register easily and quickly with the PHP programming language

This time we will discuss about the ways of making the Login Form and Form the Register easily and quickly by using the PHP programming language. We will discuss with enough with 5 files only.
1. the database login
2. connect.php
3. login.php
4. register.php
5. home.php

Well, here we simulate 1 user table with 3 columns, id, username, and password. Then we connect with a Login Form with files connect.php

After being connected properly, then the next step i.e. create login.php which contents are as follows:

Don't forget also to insert connect.php into login.php in order to connect to a database login. Trying to do testing in a browser so that it can display the Login Form.

So here we are deliberately gives 3 button, i.e. the Login button, Back and Register if you want to register then press the Register, if you want to Login then please enter your username and password first, and Back to back. After that, we will discuss the Form registers, register.php. In this Form, we deliberately give conditional functions are useful to check if the data entered is already there before or with other data Exist. So in the database login there are no redundancies of data on column username.

After everything finished, finally staying where the system after Login. This is a very important thing, and home.php here we also conditionally function by providing a condition where if not logged in then there will be display Please Login, but if already logged in then the user name will be recorded and no option to Log Out.

Hopefully this may help others in making the Login Form and Form the Register easily and quickly with the PHP programming language. If still less understand please comment well.
As a material for your convenience, we also provide files please take it for use with Sage


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