Thursday, July 14, 2016

Introduction of E-Learning education

The development of information and communication technologies are rapidly encourage institutions to make use of the concept and design of e-learning system to enhance the effectiveness and flexibility of learning. In this study, the use of information systems-based education will be used mostly by students and teachers to interact in a virtual world. So either the vision or mission of the school can be realized, with the presence of this information system. Students who are less able to follow lessons would be it helpful right by the presence of this information system. So in the development of information systems, both students and teachers need to proactively involved with strategic decisions in the implementation of this application. In other words it takes active participation of the users of both students as well as teachers, so that later developed systems can run effectively.

Education is a program. The program involves a number of components that work together in a process to achieve goals that are. As a program, education is a conscious activity and deliberately directed to achieve a goal. To find out if the inaugural program can achieve its objectives effectively and efficiently, then it needs to be evaluated. For that, the evaluation is done at the components and process of work so that in the event of a failure in achieving the objectives then can be traced to the components and the process became a source of failure (Purwanto, 2013:1).
Teaching and learning need to be planned so that learning takes place properly and achieve the expected results. Each planning deals with thoughts about what should be done. Teaching and learning program planning estimates on the actions which will be performed at the time of carrying out the instruction. Contents planning, i.e. set up and assign learning elements, such as the purpose, materials or contents, methods, tools and resources as well as assessment (Hamdani, 2011:56).
The class was the dominant vehicle for this process of learning for school children. The position of the "class" is so important that local power suggests that the desired professional, particularly teachers, have to be professional in managing class for this educational and learning process effective and efficient (Danim Sudarwan, 2010:161).
Teaching strategies consists of methods and techniques or procedures that ensure students reach the goal. Teaching strategies is wider than a method or technique of teaching. In other words, a method or a technique teaching is part of teaching strategies. The role of teaching strategies is more important when teachers teach students are different in terms of ability, achievement, trend, as well as interest. It is because the teacher must think of teaching strategies that are able to meet the needs of all students. Here, teachers not only have to master a wide range of teaching rules, but more important is to integrate as well as drawing up norms it to form the most effective instructional strategies in teaching (it Hamdani, 2011:19).

Improvement of the abilities and skills of teachers in the field of subject matter and methodology of learning is essential. When the school's increasingly complex conditions, the size of groups of study increasingly bloated, the burden of teaching and learning are increasingly intensive and extensive learning facilities and resources, the more modern, stress level and the strange nature of students getting track, and work procedures need to be made the more sophisticated, the terminology "teaching methodology" which is known for is experiencing an expansion of meaning. That is the more commonly known management class. Implicit here, the teacher's initiative to increase the effectiveness of learning at least one level better than before making his capacity to motivate and manage students (motivating and managing student) significantly. In line with that, research on how classes can be managed effectively extracting increasingly face, more than just focusing on the behavior of the students and their learning process. The behavior of students in learning and the learning process itself is important. Nevertheless, no less important, even more important is how the teacher can manage class effectively and efficiently, among others for the creation of a method to facilitate students to behave positively and high achievers (Danim Sudarwan, 2010:187).

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