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Strategy for following Thesis trial

Strategy towards the Council of what? The exact strategy towards the Council of Thesis. For friends who follow Thesis trial. Then we will explain a little bit what strategy should We look towards hearing Thesis. There were Strategies for following Thesis trial will be prepared that is as follows:

1. Strategy Rhythm Sounds
The strategy is Sound strategy Rhythm we regulate the rhythm of sound at the time of the hearing takes place. We should pay attention to the rhythm of our voice, that when it's time we must speak loudly and slowly.

2. Strategy Props
Strategy is a strategy to bring props related to the theme of the session we are going to be presented, then by the time we are also present while demonstrating these tools. for example if we were explaining about our contributions in Journal, it's good if we bring a book and Journal to explain it. The final slide presentation we make meets an important point of the title or theme of Thesis. Multimedia strategy is strategy where slide presentation made already meet points – an important point of the title or theme of Thesis. Like suppose there is a video that reflects the project from the presentation that we bring in the trial.

3. Strategy Body
Strategy position of the body is the strategy positions of our body are correct at the time of being in front of the screen to present trial, what is the position of the body turned away from the audience or not. The correct body position is a position facing the audience and of the Board of Examiners, which means it does not overshadow them. Body language when a presentation is also an important thing to note. Do the same with presentations delivered a message to the listeners/viewers. Face and facial gestures should correspond to convey messages, so that the audience can easily understand and also holds the messages conveyed. Body language will also be demonstrating that we are truly ready for presentation and also confident with the presentation.

4. Strategy Spirit
Strategy spirit in carrying out a presentation hearing should have the souls of high spirits, to make the presentation that we bring

5. Strategy: memorizing
Strategy in preparing for the hearing is memorizing the Thesis we should have memorized of any slides that we bring, the goal is to make each word or sentence that we recite in tune and not visible disconnect – disconnect, then we should be able to memorize. In this case, we should try not to wait for the transition to slide, it could even precede.

6. Strategy of number
Strategy number is a strategy presentation in the numbering. We always make it a habit to answer in advance by calling the next number, recently described but do not need all of it. It is aimed to let the audience not to feel confusion while watching the trial of us and clearly stated how important points which we will pass on. By the time we start the presentation, first or second slide gives an overview of the number of slides and time that will be taken, so that viewers can anticipate time must be provided. As well as strategy to account for the number of slides and the number of videos that will be presented in the trial. The goal is to make the audience understand how minute presentation that we bring to look at total of slides and video. Strategy the mention of numbers in a statistical report presenting, for example if there is a delivery of material presentation of statistical and other miscellaneous 3,570, only mentions 3 fulfilled only.

7. Strategy of One Team with You
Strategy one team with you is a strategy of any images contained in our slide presentation, if it has to relate to the person, then it will be better to use a picture from people we know in our environment, so people have a sense of proud to have participated in the activities of project Thesis. And at the time of the trial are presenting in the distraction of presentation we can directly take the name of someone very important during this thesis run

8. Strategy Style Talk
This means that the strategy of the overall final slide presentation doesn't have to be all of us, we explain in detail. for example if there is an opening slide as slide ourselves specified the name, id, majors and concentrations, then we simply explain the name and Department alone is enough. The talk was more focused on our voice to make it more clear and firm that it can be heard throughout the Council room or low voice at the right time. Vote up and down it has a difference in its placement.

9. The First Question and then repeat, Strategy Recently responded.
Is a strategy whereby the examiners at the time so ask, should we repeat the question examiners in the past and then we answer questions the testers.

10. Strategy Using Special words
Strategy to demonstrate that project thesis. We're working on is something extraordinary. So in the presentation of the Council's important thesis for showing special things through the sentence that was blasted out. What are the words that impressed "wow" at the audience's ears? An example is fantastic, wonderful, spectacular, at best, the best, and many other words can be used.

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