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Top 10 Predictions that will occur when the UEFA EURO Cup Final 2016

France national football team‬, UEFA Euro 2016 , Portugal national football team. The following prediction is likely to happen when the final game between Portugal and France in the EURO Cup finals action. France advanced to the final two touchdowns thanks to Anton Griezmann. Let's we see Top 10 predictions that will occur when the 2016 EURO Cup finals, there are:

Top 10 Predictions that will occur when the UEFA EURO Cup Final 2016
1. European Cup Final Stage Euro 2016 ascertained would lure millions of the public sphere in different parts of the world, bring together "engine diesel" Portugal against France "Rooster". Whether Portugal commanded Megastar Cristiano Ronaldo would able to France and resistance mengkandaskan holds a champion? Or is it precisely that France would "beat" Portugal to reach the 2016 Euro Championship?
2. when the record of ranking or rating compiled by FIFA, then Portugal's performance is above France. The two teams both have drawbacks and advantages, so who's more concentration and focus while performing in the finals, that's the team that predicted would win the game. Based on the ranking drawn up by FIFA in June 2016, Portugal national team is ranked No. 8 by collecting 1,181 points. While France national team is ranked 17th by collecting 925 points, or 9 strip under Portugal.
3. Portugal comes to Euro 2016 this time reinforced a number of powerful players, a combination of players young and old. In the front-line is no Cristiano Ronaldo, the Real Madrid star, who this time plays the role of team captain. Also there's Nani, the Manchester United former players who are now migrated to Fenerbahce.
4. Who would win while winning EURO 2016? Portugal or France? A little hard to predict, because of the strength of the team and the quality of players almost evenly matched. But the host and supported the supporters quickly become unmanageable, as well as see some of the previous meetings, France predicted would able to tame Portugal.
5. In the France midfield reinforced Blaise Matuidi horse-powered midfielder who plays for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), which deliver Kanté N'Golo Leicester City won the League United Kingdom and Paul Pogba Juventus players who are so used to target a few teams rich Kingdom. In the field of Central Portugal reinforced Danilo Pereira which plays in Porto, William Carvalho who graze on Sporting CP Lisbon midfielder Andre Gomes, in Valencia and the young midfielder Renato Sanches will shine at the Club Bayern Munich.
6. in the line of Defense Les Blues Defender Bacary Sagna supported mainstay in United Kingdom, Manchester City Hemp Fair play in Seville and Patrice Evra players gaek doorstop at the Club Juventus. Being under the crossbar is no Hugo Lloris goalkeeper topnotch at Tottenham. In line behind Portugal Defender Pepe reinforced national team mainstay at Real Madrid, who play in Wolfsburg Vieirinha and Ricardo Carvalho unintentionally players but the potential strengthening of Monaco. Whereas under the crossbar namely Rui Patrício goalie mainstay at the Club Sporting CP Lisbon.
7. Les Blues – the nickname of France-also reinforced a number of players who are no less shiny. France dealt with Coach Didier Deschamps is on front-line reinforced Kingsley Coman which main in Bavaria Munich, Olivier Giroud striker Antoine Griezmann and Arsenal mainstay who take Atletico Madrid advanced to the Champions League final. Antoine Griezmann which plays an important role when France ousted Germany in the semifinals of the EURO Friday, with daybreak, then two goals without reply.
8. Head to Head Portugal vs France
If looking back and seeing a total of 5 last meeting of the two teams, France is clearly above the wind. Portugal's last victory over France was in 1975, then only in friendly match! And since then they've never won against France including competitive at the World Cup 2006 where Portugal was beaten 1-0 by France. The second defeat over France Protugal kompetititf happened at same time in the semi-finals and both are also determined through a controversial penalty!
Jan 22, 1997 – Portugal vs France 0-2 Friendship
Jun 28, 2000 – France vs Portugal 2-1 Euro 2000
25 Apr 2001 – France vs. Portugal 4-0 Friendship
05 Jul 2006 – France vs Portugal 1-0 2006 FIFA World Cup
11 Oct 2014 – France vs Portugal 2-1 Friendship
04 Sep 2015 – Portugal vs France 0-1 Friendship
9. This is the second time Ronaldo and Griezmann met in European competition. Both players had previously met in the Champions League final. At that time, Ronaldo's success helped his club Real Madrid to grab the trophy of the Champions League at the end of last May. Meanwhile, his rival from France Griezmann failed to scored a penalty for his team Atletico Madrid and lost in the final. Griezmann certainly has risen from the disappointment of it. Now he became the player most fertile in the competition with six goals. Two goals of which were created when France beat the world champion Germany.
10. Ronaldo remains a talented player. While it is believed him less sharp, he proved it can become more deadly. Ronaldo was able to change the outcome of the match as he does when Gore the ball into a goal when against Wales.

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