Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Dangers Of Addictive Online Games

Top 10 Best of The Best this time will discuss about the dangers of addiction to Online gaming, which is epidemic at the moment this time around. Be it from Pokemon Go or more. Kids today do not familiar with gadgets and technology. Marc Prensky — expert education graduate of Harvard University and Yale of the United States, who is also the author of Digital Game-Based Learning, children aged 14 years and under as "digital natives" — aka "the natives" who inhabit this digital world.
The Dangers Of Addictive Online Games

Live call it, whether it's a PC computer, tablet computer, play station, to various types of smartphones, owned parents at home, would have been "completed" tampered with by the pre teens. For what else if not to try out a wide range of exciting games available online, either downloadable free or paid?

Only ever, according to research published in the journal Pediatrics, which among other things done at the Seattle Children's Research Institute (2011), Iowa State University (2010), and Stanford University School of Medicine (2009), most games can interfere with the process of growing flower child, among others, include:

– The issue of socialization. Relation to spend more time to play with the machine (not human), the pre teens can feel awkward and uncomfortable when it comes the opportunity to hang out with friends.

– Communication problem. The activities of communicating is not limited to talk and listen to a spoken sentence, but also read the expression opponents talk. Children less often socialize normally trouble doing this.

– Erode empathy. Children often love the kind of game that involves violence, such as war, martial art, and so on. Side effects of playing the type of game it is encouraged to the aggressiveness of the child and the child's empathy towards others will be eroded.

– Motor Disorders. The body of a less active moves will reduce the chances of a child to train his motor abilities. The risk is, the child can be afflicted by obesity and high growth of the body is not the maximum.

– Health disorders. Staring at the screen video games constantly for a long time can cause attacks of headache, neck pain, sleep disorders, and disorders of vision.

Therefore let us keep all together our children

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