Sunday, July 31, 2016

Text Entry Components you must to know

The HTML form used to select various kinds of input provided. The data can be input in a form's textarea, text input, options radio buttons, check boxes and so on. The input form is packed elements in tags form. In this learning activity will study the input text.

Component text area is a great place to save text area or text, or can be said to be an HTML component that is used to display text in a form and format text

This attribute is used to provide the name of the TEXTAREA. This attribute will be very useful if the TEXTAREA tag combined in a FORM.

ROWS attribute is used to specify the rows of a TEXTAREA

The COLS attribute is used to specify the width of the TEXTAREA, based on the number of characters.

This attribute is used to writing contained in the TEXT AREA can only be read and copied but cannot be changed

This attribute is used to writing contained in the TEXTAREA it doesn't can be copied and modified.
< TEXTAREA NAME = "forbidden" COLS = "40" ROWS = "6" DISABLED > ... </TEXTAREA>

2. input type = "password"
Password text input components are responsible for entering the password data. Of these attributes, the main and most especially should be adjusted or named item data is the attribute ' name ', because the destination file on the action attribute in the form tag, which is usually the file server side scripting (PHP) will take input from a form based on an attribute name (' name ') of the components of the input form. example
< input type = "password" name = "r2"/>

3. input type = "text"
The input text component is a component to place the text data to the server in the form of text fields. example
< input type = "text" maxlength = "20" name = "r1"/>

4. input type = "hidden"
This means that there is a hidden input form or does not show. example
< input name = 'x' type = 'hidden' id ='x' value='1. png'/>

5. input type = "submit"
as the keys to crack down on up from the previous form. example
< input type = "submit" name = "change" value = "Edit" >

demo here

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